“It was impressive to see how much is possible.”
“The format was great, the trainers were well prepared!”

We are glad to share our knowledge and experience – and will discuss together with you which training we can support you with in the virtual space. It is important to us to respond to your specific needs in the team or organisation and to develop ideas together. We offer online trainings on the following topics:

Virtual moderation

Working with groups in virtual space entails special challenges in terms of tools, techniques and methods – even for experienced facilitators. A training for people who want to moderate virtual events in a competent, interactive and results-oriented manner.

To ensure that your moderation leads to success in virtual space, too:

  • Participative and process-oriented
  • Interactive and dynamic
  • Structured and results-oriented
  • For a team spirit even without a coffee break

Possible topics:

  • Successful application of tools & technology
  • Self-understanding & didactics in the moderation
  • Dealing with attention, trust and distance
  • Social interaction, relationship building and group dynamics
  • Method Workshop: Participation & Collaboration
  • Dealing with cultural diversity and physical distance
  • Structuring, visualising and documenting processes

Virtual collaboration

For many of us it is new and unfamiliar to work together with colleagues as a virtual team. Working together at a distance, often from home office, and limited personal contact change the common working day. A training for leaders and teams who wish to actively organise virtual cooperation.

What you will learn in the training:

  • Creating cohesion even without informal exchange
  • Developing new solutions for a trusting relationship and good collaboration
  • Promoting structured and results-oriented teamwork
  • Excursus (if required): Dealing with time zones and cultural diversity

Possible topics:

  • New rituals, meeting and feedback culture
  • Dealing with attention, giving confidence and keeping it despite physical distance
  • Media use: when to use which channel?
  • Finding a good balance between tasks and relationship management
  • Taking responsibility, setting priorities and giving yourself structure in the home office

Virtual leadership

Remote collaboration takes place under special conditions and is highly demanding for the management in terms of media, communication and (self-)leadership. A training for leaders who want to promote trustful interaction and effective collaboration in a team working from remote.

What you will learn in the training:

  • Becoming more confident in the selection and active use of virtual media
  • Knowing structures that support virtual and hybrid self and team organisation
  • Developing means of a good balance between control and trust in the team
  • Making the most of your efficiency as a virtual leader

Possible topics:

  • Success factors of virtual & hybrid leadership
  • Balance between trust and control
  • Moderation competence for virtual & hybrid meetings
  • Promoting social networking
  • Selection and use of virtual media to support teamwork
  • Elements of effective (self-)organisation
  • Dealing with own insecurities
  • Virtual methods for feedback and interaction

Virtual coaching

If coaching cannot take place as a personal encounter, coaches and coachees must contact each other in a different way. This opens up many new possibilities, but is also a challenge even for experienced coaches. A training for coaches and counsellors who wish to expand their methodological repertoire and want to be fit for counselling via video.

What you will learn in the training:

  • Getting started online: Becoming familiar with technology & tools for video-based coaching and consulting
  • Moving in the virtual world: Designing a successful communication situation
  • Shaping the digital transformation of our daily work as coaches

Possible topics:

  • Basics of video-based online coaching
  • Opportunities and challenges of online coaching
  • Method Workshop: Implementation of (systemic) methods in virtual space

We are also available for analogue training.

Please contact us for further information or to make an appointment – we look forward to meeting you!